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Update: June


new album at iTunes, amazon and all streaming sites; music from Charts.

This 8-hour+ of recordings comprises my entire notated piano music exclusively on YouTube

So far this year I've released or made public a substantial amount of recordings, new and old, including:
two albums - Free Country and Sequencer; the Piano Books Playlist; from '94 the official first recording of Mass with Sacre Choeur (the choir for whom it was originally written); this live concert of one of my personal favorites - Suite Romantique; and the girls of the Mädchenkantorei in Freiburg, Germany singing Have I Not Love


A 35-minute program for mixed choir, strings and piano - 9 ARRANGEMENTS - was published here a few years ago. The concept: some of my favorite original ballads arranged for the same setting as my 1992 Mass. 9 ARRANGEMENTS deserves a wider audience, so we are offering a perusal Conductor Score and CD of the 9 demo recordings FREE to the first 9 choirs to express interest. Request your copy here (please include shipping address and name of choir)

A Clear Midnight (text: W. Whitman)
A Boat Beneath A Sunny Sky (text: Lewis Carroll)
My Own Beloved (text: E. B. Browning)
Ai Mite No (text: trad. Japanese)
Our Vows (text: Dobrogosz)
He Tells Of The Perfect Beauty (text: W. B. Yeats)
Communio (text: trad. Latin)
Hi (text: Dobrogosz)

sound samples:
A Clear Midnight
A Boat Beneath A Sunny Sky
Ai Mite No


Americana solo piano Free Country now at at iTunes and amazon and Spotify and all streaming sites
Listen to Jack of Diamonds from Free Country at YouTube

New sheet music:
- a collection of notated piano music from 1975-2012 has been published along with a recording of the set on YouTube. Rarities contains minimalism, piano transcriptions of choral and organ pieces, my technically most challenging piece (Timeline), some stride piano, and a suite for piano composed at 19. Listen to Rarities at YouTube

... and the 8th addition to the Choir Songs series, including two major pieces - the 20 min. Buddhist chant Om Mani Padme Hum, and the 10 min. a cappella "mini-Requiem" In Memoria, along with six other stylistically varied pieces, with and without piano accompaniment. Listen to a performance of Om Mani Padme Hum.

For fans of the 1982 album Fairy Tales on the Norwegian Odin label - a completely remastered and repackaged CD and LP are soon to be released.

Upcoming performances of Requiem in Germany and Sweden, Lux Aeterna in the US, Mass in the US, Japan, Korea, Germany, Sweden and Norway, Te Deum in Holland, and Stabat Mater and Zakuro in Japan.

Watch Ambrosian Hymns

Recent compositions:
Noir - piano
Modulation - piano
Free Country - solo piano album
- for violin and piano
Birds at Dawn/Birds at Dusk - chamber ensemble
A Fairy's Tale - women's choir a cappella
Dreams - piano recording
Ambrosian Hymns - choir/piano/strings
Fiddlers Green - bluegrass tunes
Ame Ni No Makezu - men's choir/piano trio
Evensongs - piano
Nevia, The Hills, Mirror Lake, Cadence, Whispers - piano recordings
- 6 songs for women's choir/piano
Oratio Sancti Francisci
- choir/piano
Tellus Tertius
- chamber music suite for contemporary dance
Arrangement of Lux Aeterna from Requiem, for choir-piano-strings-soprano solo.
Arboretum - 4 voices a cappella

Along with personal writing and recording projects underway, I also compose on commission. Works have so far been commissioned from Sweden, USA, Japan, Germany, Singapore, Cyprus, Spain, Holland and Denmark.

Dobrogosz YouTube playlist