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Bara from EP Bara with Chikako Hino
Georgia Peach from album
Free Country

World, Pt. 3 from album World
The Water Of Life (part 18 Testament)
from album The Water Of Life

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Steve Dobrogosz is published by Sand Castle Music Inc, Stockholm. Enter the Score Shop to browse or order:

Update: November

BARA - duets with Japanese soprano Chikako Hino, is now at iTunes and all streaming sites. Three songs set to poems in Japanese by Tomihiro Hoshino, and Miserere Mei. Recorded in Hiroshima. Beautifully sung.
Score sample

New: "A Fairy's Tale" (for women's choir acappella) page



In 2002 I set music to 14 verses from the Old Testament book of Psalms, resulting in a 30 minute program for a cappella choir. From the Psalms book:

Lift I Up Mine Eyes, Who Shall Ascend, All The Kings Of The Earth
Praise Ye Him
Lead Me

Fans can now order the Dobrogosz T-shirt ; )

My first album was the 1980 Songs with piano trio. 35 years later, I've finished a new trio album of early jazz/pop pieces.
The Wild Bird Flies
will be released when I turn 60 in January...

The Requiem/Te Deum CD has been very favorably reviewed in the Dutch Klassieke Zaken magazine:

Remastered albums Candlelight and World now up at online stores

My 1982 duo album Fairy Tales with Radka Toneff has undergone a complete remastering and is being rereleased now in a new aural/visual package. It captures the warmth and presence of the original session, so don't miss.

Stabat Mater
- visit the Stabat Mater page to listen to the epic performance of Stabat Mater in Hiroshima

Sequencer - album at iTunes, amazon and all streaming sites; music from Charts.

The albums Spanish Steps, Chambers, Twilight Melodies and Garden Music have been taken down from all stores and streaming sites and are now available for free listening at: PIANO BOOKS PLAYLIST - 8-hours of recordings comprising all my notated piano music, exclusively on YouTube

A 35-minute program for mixed choir, strings and piano - 9 ARRANGEMENTS - was published here a few years ago. The concept: some of my favorite original ballads arranged for the same setting as my 1992 Mass. 9 ARRANGEMENTS deserves a wider audience, so we are offering a perusal Conductor Score and CD of the 9 demo recordings FREE to the first 9 choirs to express interest. Request your copy here (please include shipping address and name of choir)

Japanese edition of the Golden Slumbers Lennon-McCartney solo piano album:

Americana solo piano album Free Country now at at iTunes and amazon and Spotify and all streaming sites
Jack of Diamonds from Free Country at YouTube

Tthe 8th addition to the Choir Songs series includes two major pieces - the 20 min. Buddhist chant Om Mani Padme Hum, and the 10 min. a cappella "mini-Requiem" In Memoria, along with other stylistically varied pieces with and without piano accompaniment. Listen to a performance of Om Mani Padme Hum.

Watch Ambrosian Hymns

Along with personal writing projects underway, I also compose on commission. Works have so far been commissioned from Sweden, USA, Japan, Germany, Singapore, Cyprus, Spain, Holland and Denmark.

Dobrogosz YouTube playlist


An extremely eary, and extremely odd, composition from 1974, Dueling Computers, is now notated. Sheet music available for free download here (it's easier to play than it sounds). A homemade recording from back in North Carolina years before my career got started (assuming it has):