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Georgia Peach from upcoming Free Country
A Summer's Day from My Rose

Torch from

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Update: January

The new Americana piano album Free Country is finished and set for release in March.

Upcoming performances of Requiem in Germany, Lux Aeterna in the US, Mass in the US, Japan, Germany, Sweden and Norway, and Stabat Mater in Japan.

A number of performances with choirs coming up in the Stockholm area. Will post more as links are available.

Thanks to:
- the Immanuel Nova choir and the Treitler Quartet for the premier of Ambrosian Hymns here in Stockholm.
- conductor Ricardo Gabriel Sidelnik for the Argentina premier of My Rose in Buenos Aires.
- the Northampton Bach Choir for their British premiere of My Rose.
- the Hiroshima Josei choir and conductor Nozomi Terasawa for the premier of the Misuzu suite.

Watch Ambrosian Hymns

Later this year I'll be releasing a large number of demo recordings (a "basement tapes" album, literally) of pieces from the Charts jazz book. So many of these demos turned out to contain an interesting musical quality of their own, that it's a shame to leave them on the shelf year after year.

Recent compositions:
Free Country - solo piano album
- for violin and piano
Birds at Dawn/Birds at Dusk - chamber ensemble
A Fairy's Tale - women's choir a cappella
Dreams - piano recording
Ambrosian Hymns - choir/piano/strings
Fiddlers Green - bluegrass tunes
Ame Ni No Makezu - men's choir/piano trio
Evensongs - piano
Nevia, The Hills, Mirror Lake, Cadence, Whispers - piano recordings
- 6 songs for women's choir/piano
Oratio Sancti Francisci
- choir/piano
Tellus Tertius
- chamber music suite for contemporary dance
Arrangement of Lux Aeterna from Requiem, for choir-piano-strings-soprano solo.
Arboretum - 4 voices a cappella

Along with personal writing and recording projects underway, I also compose on commission. Works have so far been commissioned from Sweden, USA, Japan, Germany, Singapore, Cyprus, Spain, Holland and Denmark.

Dobrogosz YouTube playlist

The archiving work begun in 2013, which has included 130 new demo recordings and 4000 pages of scores, is finally completed.


Hiroshima Josei choir sings Hana No Tamashii from the new MISUZU suite

Regna Caelorum
from Ambrosian Hymns

from Things Past for flute and piano

from Three Ballads for English Horn

An Americana orchestra piece, from 2003

A favorite from Charts